As some of you may be aware....

Gallo has recently gone through surgery to excise a malignant mole. This was followed by an exploration of his lymphnodes, to the effect of their eventual removal. All was a traumatic experience for him physically and, indeed, not ten feet from my right does he lie in some manner of recovery.

These facts are merely preface to this upcoming anecdote. Ever the dutiful son, I delivered him into the surgical area with a determination to meet the professionals assigned to his care. I take on the war face when I need it; the nurses, doctors, and other patients could see that I was not there to brook nonsense. A hallywaggle of surgery ensued, mostly beyond my perception, save for the final moments when the surgeon assessed Gallo's lucidity.

Q1: Who is the current president?

A1: William Howard Taft.

Q2: Who is his Vice President?

A2: Nate Schierholtz.

This was not well-received. We were wheeled around with great urgency, all while I'm saying that it is more than likely that Gallo is trying to joke. The medical profession is not one where jokes foster. Later, the doctor asked me to question Gallo about our current governor. Gallo responded promptly. Nurses, monitoring our conversation, agreed on his answer and his lucidity.

Currently he sleeps. Note that his answers to the lucidity questions were clearly influenced by this malodorous website. I cannot think of an odor monger more worthy for internet-influencing my father's surgery. He will repair, and return with the same incomprehensible whimsy that some of you have come to enjoy.

Best to all. Gallo shall be fit in a week or so. I shall see to it.

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