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Post-game thread: Hold on. Let's start the season again.

Seriously. Let's go back to February. Cody Ross was healthy. Andres Torres was healthy. The Giants were like, trophy, trophy, trophy, and we were like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Brian Wilson was the guy who shaved the outside corner and nothing else. Aubrey Huff was still good. Miguel Tejada still had a chance to be good if you were stupidly optimistic.

Cain's elbow wasn't barking. Pablo Sandoval's newfound commitment to fitness was a big story, and his hand wasn't broken. Barry Zito was a decent-enough fifth starter. Madison Bumgarner was only going to get better.

Don't mean to come off as a whiner -- but really, not a whole lot has gone right for the Giants this year. It's easier to take after a season in which everything went right, but that currency is just about spent. When the Giants play the Nationals, it doesn't feel like one team is the DEFENDING CHAMPS and the other one is some also-ran. These two teams feel like they're on equal ground. Somewhere in the offseason, someone secretly replaced a pretty danged good team with Folgers crystals, which is what the kids are calling 25 average-or-so players.

It's not time to flip over cars and set them on fire just yet, hovering around the gravity of .500 isn't any fun. It'd sure be cooler if the Rockies would lose a bunch of games in a row.