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Post-Game Thread: Miguel Tejada is awesome

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You can watch games on your phone now. If you spend a little cash, you can get the cameras to beam images to your TV that beams images to a satellite that beams images to your phone. For a lot less money, you can get the radio feed on your phone. If you don't want to miss a game, you don't have to.

Love baseball on TV. Love baseball on the radio. But every so often, maybe once or twice a year, it's kind of neat to watch a game like Saturday night's on Gameday. I couldn't watch the game or listen to it, but I could check in with Gameday every so often. In the ninth, I sat and stared at some dots and words on a phone, waiting for more dots and words to show up so I knew whether to be annoyed or happy.

When Tejada was up, it was so quaint and old-timey to have to use my imagination -- two outs, two on, maybe a double in the gap would win it? Then the parenthetical tease of "In Play: Run(s)" popped up, which is one of baseball's most underrated fan moments. I definitely would have preferred to watch the crowd go nuts, or to hear Jon Miller's call. But every so often...kind of cool.