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Charitable Sunday Links

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Three charity links for you....

  • is a neat site that lets people describe exactly what they're raising money for. For example: this elementary school teacher is looking for books on baseball. She says since the World Series, she can't keep baseball books on the library shelves, especially books on the Giants. Without baseball books, there is a chance that these kids will grow up to be...grow up to be...oh, no, please...grow up to be Warriors fans. The goal is $150 short, so even $1 would add up.
  • There's one day left on the Giants commemorative Marker's Mark auction. All of the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders, which will help them afford the borders they desperately need.
  • Over in the FanPosts, there's information about the medical fund for the victim of the Dodger Stadium beating. It might be hard to imagine what it's like to teach at a school that needs supplies, or to understand what it's like to need medical care in an area without it, but all of us can empathize with someone who was attacked because he liked one sports team and not the other. Just unimaginable.

I was going to link to the Jose Guillen retirement party fund too, but I couldn't find the link. So if we get a few bucks together, we can get an ice cream cake and mail it to him.