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I received an e-mail from the folks at SmugMug, asking if I’d want to give away five of these:



They’re huge panoramas of Mays Field after Edgar Renteria’s RBI single off Mark Lowe in Game Two of the World Series. They’re really, really big -- described as "couch-sized" -- and the best part about them is that they remind you that the Giants won the World Series.

Don’t know much about SmugMug other than a) they’re a place for photographers to host, proof, archive and sell pictures, and b) my father-in-law swears by them, and that guy has camera equipment that costs more than a full set of artificial limbs. You can learn more here. About SmugMug, not my father-in-law.

Before you start in with the cephlapod and razor jokes, the only thing either I or SB Nation are getting for this are the prints to give away. I’m doing this for the five people who will win a cool print. SO SHUT YOUR YAPPER.

The way to win it is an Edgar Renteria-themed scavenger hunt on Baseball Reference. It’s not quite a trivia contest because you shouldn’t know these off the top of your head. Well, one of them you probably will.

So six questions. The first five folks to answer them all correctly will get a print. E-mail the answer to Don't put the answer in the thread -- that's more of a place to make fun of me and talk about lunch.


  1. What was the count when Edgar Renteria hit his RBI single off Lowe in Game Two?
  2. Name the three pitchers Renteria has homered off in the postseason.
  3. Before 2010, Renteria’s highest single-series OPS was in an NLDS series against what team?
  4. What former Giant was the starting pitcher for the Marlins in Renteria’s debut?
  5. Renteria was the second Giant from Colombia. Who was the first?
  6. If Renteria is on a southbound train going 58 MPH, and Cliff Lee is on a northbound train going 71 MPH, and they’re 52 miles apart when the trains start, wasn’t Renteria’s homer against Lee awesome?


Good luck! Couch-sized! This should end fairly quickly, so get on it!

Contest is over. The winners have been e-mailed.

The answers were:

1. 3-2

2. Brian Anderson, C.J. Wilson

3. Dodgers

4. Pat Rapp!

5. Yamid Haad!!

6. Yes. Yes, it was.