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Open GameThread, 4/2

Bruce Bochy is a funny guy. It's an under-the-radar funny, something that doesn't always come across in his interviews. While I'm sure he doesn't care what internet nerds think about baseball, there's at least a 1% chance that he made this lineup just to mess with nerds from here to the forums at

Tejada - SS
Sanchez - 2B
Huff - RF
Posey - C
Burrell - LF
Belt - 1B
DeRosa - 3B
Rowand - CF
Cain - P

The certified Occam's Razor, most likely explanation for this lineup: to mess with "Moneyball"-loving nerds. Or maybe it's to get Tejada to work the count consciously -- to slow down his overanxious approach by making him focus on getting on base. That would actually be a fair reason. Whatever the logic, you will watch Tejada bat as much, if not more, than any other hitter on the Giants today. Enjoy.


Would you rather have Aaron Rowand or Miguel Tejada as the leadoff hitter today?

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