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Post-game thread: What is the name of this new, delightful stadium?

Kung Fu Osprey.
Kung Fu Osprey.

Last night was the anti-Coors game. The Giants led early, and there wasn’t really a challenge to that lead. Tonight was the semi-Coors game. The Giants led early, and there was a moment where you had that familiar feeling. You thought the Coors Field was going to Coors all over and get Coors all up in your Field. It didn’t. You just had that feeling for a split second. So what’s tomorrow going to bring?

Easy: a series win. Yep, a series win. The first for the Giants since...the last time they played in Colorado. This is a good team. They won three playoff series on the road. Maybe it’s about time that I take the pacifier out and stop wailing every time I think about the Giants going to Coors Field.

Man, that’s like quitting smoking. I’m not sure if I’m ready yet.

This goes against the established treaties, of course. The Giants are supposed to lose high-scoring games in Colorado, and the Rockies are supposed to lose low-scoring games in San Francisco. Instead of expecting some sort of karmic retribution, I’ll just assume this is some kind of Britain/Hong Kong arrangement -- as in, oh, sure, we’ll restore things to the way they, like, 2099. Sign here, here, and here. We promise.

Jonathan Sanchez wasn’t especially sharp by his own standards, but he absolutely shut down Cargo, Tulo, and Helto. I don’t think he’ll ever stop walking people -- he’s not just going to wake up and turn into Cliff Lee -- so he’ll have nights where the walks hurt him, and some where they don’t. Tonight the walks just futzed with his ERA, which is just fine. He pitched well, and the Giants won.

Who else is worthy of mention in this post-game thread? Let’s see...


Ah, yes. You can be a buzz kill if you’d like and point out that Pablo Sandoval had a monster April last year, too. I’ll just be over here in the town of Convinced; population: Me. I’d probably feel this way even if he didn’t lose the weight because I want him to succeed so badly, but the new commitment just makes it easier to embrace the comeback. When Posey and Sandoval came up in the first inning, didn’t it feel like a real middle of the order? Like, you expected the other team to be a little scared? That hasn’t happened since Bonds and Kent.

Obviously, Posey and Sandoval aren’t close to that yet, but danged if they didn’t feel like a real middle of the order. Oh, it’s been too long.

In conclusion, I like when the Giants go into Coors Field and whomp on the Rockies.