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Post-game thread: Giants hit into 624 double plays, strand 134 runners, still win

Governor Posey gets my vote.
Governor Posey gets my vote.

I'm not sure if that would have been the most frustrating loss of the season -- they've played a couple series against the Dodgers and Padres, after all -- but it would have been close.

The rallying cry of the baseball nerd of the '90s and '00s: get on base! It's the on-base percentage, stupid.

After a game like tonight's: just swing for the fences every time up; don't work a walk because you'll just be wiped out on a double play.

Seriously, just hack. Try to send it into the upper deck because the next guy up has a hankerin' for rolling it over to the second baseman.

With all of that -- five! double plays -- the Giants were still able to win. A two-strike, two-out homer from Buster Posey, and a two-out, two-run seeing-eye single from Freddy Sanchez are the kinds of hits that a team gets when they're going well. Remember the feeling you'd have when Bengie Molina, Aaron Rowand, and Jose Castillo would be coming up, representing the heart of the order? That's how Diamondbacks feel when a guy with both a first and last name comes in from their bullpen. Those guys just kill Arizona.

And it's starting to seem like we're taking the "league-average Zito" for granted, just as it was easy to take the "somewhat-better-than-league-average Zito" for granted enough to pay him $126M. That guy turned into league-average Zito pretty quickly, and the league-average Zito can turn into just-plain-yuck Zito just as quickly. Maybe we're watching that decline, injury or no.

Still, good win. They all are.