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Post-game thread: Giants come back, beat LA

An extra ration of lembas bread for you, my good man.
An extra ration of lembas bread for you, my good man.

Part of me wants to think this was some sort of bellwether game, a turning point, a game in which the fortunes of two teams intersected before ascending or descending for the rest of the season.

Another part of me thinks that this was a game that was won and lost on the backs of players like Rod Barajas, Aaron Miles, Aaron Rowand, and Mike Fontenot. These are the supporting players, the guys who aren’t what make the Dodgers or Giants good or bad. It’s like watching a director’s cut of "Empire Strikes Back" that ends with Wedge Antilles having a lightsaber fight with IG-88.

Maybe. But that would ignore the contributions from Jonathan Sanchez, Sergio Romo, Pablo Sandoval, and Brian Wilson all of whom are supposed to be big parts of why the Giants can succeed this season. It was the second straight comeback win against a Dodgers team that deserves to watch the other team enjoy comeback wins because they’re the Dodgers. It didn’t feel like an April win. A series loss to the Dodgers right before there’s 45 hours without baseball, which would allow us to marinate in the awfulness? Yuck.

So it was a beautiful win. A win against the Dodgers always is beautiful, of course. Super beautiful. Five super-special-beautiful things about the game:


  • Jonathan Sanchez’s command of his off-speed stuff. When he’s throwing those back-foot sliders with any sort of touch, he’s fun to wach.
  • Buster Posey’s pick and throw to get Tony Gwynn -- because when you run the bases that stupidly, you deserve to be gunned down.
  • Matt Kemp looking mortal. He didn’t look so hot against Sanchez, and Sergio Romo abused him.
  • But not as bad as Romo abused Rod Barajas. Sit down, Hydrox to Bengie Molina’s Oreo.
  • That instead of getting into a plunking contest with a bunch of grown men playing pushies around a pitching mound, the Giants responded to the double plunking of Posey by winning.


Back to .500. The wheels never came off, and they just might start serving peanuts on this here bandwagon as soon as it leaves.