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Post-game thread: Giants win coveted Bay Bridge Series Championship

If you've ever tried to explain DIPS or BABIP to someone who doesn't care about stats, it can get a little confusing. Next time, just say something like, "You know those games where Barry Zito doesn't look all that great, but he keeps getting people out, and you're not sure how he's getting people out because it seems like he shouldn't be getting people out, and then the next time he pitches, he doesn't get people out? That's because sometimes hitters hit it at fielders, and sometimes they hit it away from fielders."

Worthy of Webster's. It's nice that Zito only allowed a run, but his four walks and mid-80s fastball hinted at the same Barry Zito we've watched for the past four seasons. He's good, he's bad, he's okay, he's a floor wax, and he's a dessert topping. He's going to be the exact same pitcher that he's been since coming across the Bay, and we all need to take a deep breath and make peace with that before the season starts.

Also of note: I'm starting to think less about service time and AAA seasoning, and starting to think more that baseball would be more interesting if Brandon Belt were to start 2011 in the majors. He's fun to watch, even when he makes an out.