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Open GamesThread, 3/26

This losing streak is consuming my every thought. The Giants are a half-game back of the Rockies for the Cactus League Championship, and they need to win. Could you imagine how cool it would be to wear a CLC hat with a World Series sweatshirt? You'd be untouchable, man. Simply untouchable.

Split squad today, with the first one on at 3:05 PT. The Reds pitcher is Logan Ondrusek, who was acquired in a trade with the Detroit Red Wings. The Giants lineup:

vs. Reds vs. Indians
Torres - CF Fontenot - 2B
Sanchez - 2B Schierholtz - RF
Huff - RF Belt - 1B
Posey - C Rowand - CF
Burrell - LF Ishikawa - LF
Sandoval - 3B Rohlinger - 3B
Tejada - SS Crawford - SS
DeRosa - 1B Whiteside - C
Lincecum - SP Pujols - DH


The DH is "To Be Announced" right now, so there's still a slight chance that it will be Albert Pujols, and that's what I'm reporting until I hear differently. Also, looking at the lineup reminds me of the old saying: When your cleanup hitter is Aaron Rowand, your cleanup hitter is Aaron Rowand.