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Link Dump

Links for a Sunday morning coming down. The game is on today as the Giants look to take a commanding 6-1 lead against the Texas Rangers. Go for the link on the main page, stay for the autoplay video of Gary Brown's walkoff single against the Dodgers.

  • A svelte Panda: How Pablo Sandoval dropped 38 pounds - MLB - Sporting News

    Details on Pablo's diet. Was the key to his weight loss putting margarine on his fried-egg-and-gristle sandwiches instead of butter? You'll have to read, and wait for a 35-minute pop-down Sporting News ad to disappear, to find out.
  • Sunday Graph: 110 Years of Baseball " Bay City Ball

    Last Sunday's Bay City Ball with a sweet franchise scatter plot based on ERA+ and OPS+. If you didn't know, xanthan uses the word "graph" in his daily life like Smurfs use "smurf." It doesn't sound that disturbing until you spend five minutes with him and he wishes you a graphy day.
  • Tim Lincecum, Little Big Man -

    In case you missed it, the New York Times Magazine feature on Tim Lincecum. As I type this, I'm watching Brad Lincoln pitch a spring training game. There but for the grace of Dick Tidrow go I.
  • There's Nothing Misfit About Giants' Deep, Homegrown Rotation

    While searching for something else, I stumbled across this Jeff Fletcher article from October, which has anecdotes about the drafting and scouting of all four homegrown pictures. I missed it when it came out, and it's worth another look.
  • Andres Torres vs. Angel Pagan | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

    Grudge match between minor league free agents turned WAR machines. I prefer Torres because oxymorons make me uncomfortable.
  • An Ode to Hal Lanier - Splashing Pumpkins

    One of the reasons the Giants didn't win a World Series in San Francisco until 2010: Hal Lanier. With the Giants of the '60s turning in 90+ win season after 90+ win season with nothing to show for it, it's not a stretch to wonder what could have been if they had a shortstop who hit like a shortstop instead of a pitcher.