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Quick PECOTA Trivia

The Baseball Prospectus projection system, PECOTA, came out this week, and that's always good for some trivia and/or conversation based on algorithm quirkiness. No cheating, and no blurting out the answer if you know already. Most of these have to do with comparable players, which is something that's usually more for entertainment purposes than a scientific revelation, so if the statophobes in the audience could avoid getting too jabby with those pitchforks, that'd be great.

Also, note the projections don't predict playing time. When Brett Pill is projected for 563 plate appearances, that doesn't mean that BP thinks that's what he'll get. The projections are a "what-if?", nothing more.

  1. Only one player in the Giants organization had three Hall-of-Famers in his comparable players list. Who was it?

  2. Which player, no longer with the organization, is projected to have a better slugging percentage than Aubrey Huff, Cody Ross, Pat Burrell, and Andres Torres?

  3. What lefty is predicted to be -.2 wins below replacement level, with one of his top comps being Ryan Vogelsong?

  4. Whose top comps include both Pedro Martinez and John Montefusco?

  5. Whose top comps include both Bert Blyleven and Don Drysdale?

  6. One of Buster Posey's comparable players is Albert Pujols. Why is Baseball Prospectus limiting Posey's potential ceiling? Do they hate the Giants?

  7. Which player, if he were to start, would be projected to have the third-best WARP mark on the team?

  8. Who has both Russell Martin and James Loney as comparable players?

  9. Whose best comp is Barry Larkin?

  10. Who would be the projected stolen base leader for the Giants if he were to start?

Answers after the jump...


1. Charlie Culberson (Rod Carew, Paul Molitor, Bill Mazeroski!)

2. Jesus Guzman

3. Javier Lopez

4. Tim Lincecum

5. Madison Bumgarner

6. Pujols? That's it? Yes, Baseball Prospectus hates the Giants and the entire west coast.

7. Ryan Rohlinger

8. Pablo Sandoval. I made the sign of the cross after reading that, and you should too.

9. Manny Burriss. I'm guessing because of DL time, but that's all I can think of...

10. Tyler Graham