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Stray rumors: Brian Wilson for a shortstop?

A nationally recognized website is confirming the rumor that Brian Wilson is on the trading block, and he will likely be traded within the hour.

Alright, maybe it isn’t that imminent. Alright, maybe it’s not imminent at all, but it’s a conversation starter. Maybe the tip came from someone who was at the backend of a game of Telephone. Maybe the real news is that the other Brian Wilson sold the rights to a musical based on "Wild Honey," but everyone acknowledged that it would probably only be on Broadway only for a short stop. You can see how that could be distorted before Marty Lurie got to it.

The idea, as relayed by jctgamer:

So apparently Marty Lurie said 5 teams inquired on Brian Wilson this winter Tigers, White Sox, Mariners, Jays, & Angels, and that the Giants would consider moving Brian Wilson for a future SS based package

It’s pretty unlikely that the Giants are looking to trade Wilson – he’s a popular, highly visible player. He’s locked up for the next three years, and it’s not as if the Giants have an obvious replacement.

But the idea is absolutely sound – this is the apex of Brian Wilson’s trade value, and unless something changes, the organization is kind of hosed when it comes to future shortstops. The free agent market is going to run red with the blood of teams fighting for the chance to give Jimmy Rollins or Jose Reyes way too much money. And you’ll have your Brandon Crawford or Ehire Adrianza partisans who will disagree that the Giants are in a bad way, but the Giants could use a young shortstop who is likely to outhit Madison Bumgarner. It isn’t a bad idea to trade a closer for a shortstop who would be under team control for the Posey-Belt era.

I thought this last year, and I would have cheered just about any Wilson-for-above-average-hitter trade. I would have been stupid, mind you, as the Giants probably don’t win the World Series without Wilson. But what’s more likely to bring another championship to San Francisco, a successful Brian Wilson, or a young, good, and cheap shortstop? Depending on who that shortstop is, it’s a fair question with valid arguments on both sides.

I find the whole premise a little iffy because every team would know that it would take a substantial package for the Giants to give away a player who is as valuable(performance and marketing) as Wilson, and there’s no way the Mariners would be interested in overpaying for a closer. That’d be quite the cherry on the possum meringue pie, and the Mariners are smarter than that.

Brian Wilson for Gordon Beckham? As long as the White Sox throw in a barber, too. That’d be an interesting trade, but that assumes that a) Beckham can handle short, which he hasn’t yet in the majors, and b) that Beckham is likely to improve. He was just a tick above replacement level last year. The other teams mentioned don’t have anything that would be an upgrade at shortstop for both the short- and long-term.

In theory, Wilson is a closer with a lot of trade value, even though he isn’t exactly cheap. That’s exactly the kind of trade chit you use to get good young players. But Troy Tulowitzki, Stephen Drew, Hanley Ramirez, Starlin Castro, and Elvis Andrus aren’t going anywhere, and there isn’t another shortstop in organized ball that I’d want to trade Wilson for right now. He’s staying, and it will be delicious.