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Five things I'm absolutely not worried about as Spring Training begins

1. Brian Wilson’s act being a distraction

I don’t know nothin’ about nothin’ when it comes to clubhouse dynamics, and it does seem like Wilson might be the type of guy who would stare at his own reflection in a rear-view mirror long enough to miss a traffic light. But from everything I can gather, Wilson is liked by his teammates. He’s the guy in college who convinced you one Sunday to put on Depends, park a 24-pack of Keystone Ice next to you, and watch football for ten straight hours without ever, ever, ever leaving the couch. If you don’t want to be a part of that world, you can easily avoid it, but even when you aren’t there, the stories kind of amuse you.

2. The Giants’ lack of depth in the rotation

Industry secret: rotations aren’t supposed to have depth. If you have seven capable, above-average major league starters, you’re a drunken goof if you don’t trade one or two of them for something you actually need. Every team is hosed if their top pitchers go down. The Cardinals lost Adam Wainwright, and it’s not like Yu Darvish is going to come out of the locker room, WWF-style.

The Giants did as much as they could. They got a warm body who probably isn’t going to go to Fresno (Jeff Suppan) and a warm body who probably will (Brian Lawrence). It’d be sweet if Zach Wheeler were two years farther along in his development, but them’s the breaks.

3. Whether the national media aren't paying enough attention to the World Champion San Francisco Giants

That’s Brian Wilson holding a World Series trophy. If I ever thought that Jayson Stark or Ken Rosenthal or Jon Heyman were slighting the Giants, which they aren’t, I would console myself by putting "Giants won the World Series" into Google. From there, I could click on the "News" tab, the "Images" tab, the "Shopping" tag...heck, when you put it in the "Maps" tab, a Chinese restaurant pops up with great reviews. The Giants won the World Series. Your persecution complex is weird.

4. If Buster Posey is totally looking at me right now

Because, seriously, I don’t care. You know, whatever. But if he’s looking at me right now -- don’t you look, or he’ll be all creeped out, and I’ll freak out on you -- you could just let me know by doing that thing where you make your eyes all wide and surprised, but only if he isn’t looking, and you know what, I don’t even care.

5. The battle for the 25th spot on the roster

I count five players projected to make the team who have played first base at some point in their careers. Sorry, Travis. No one will ever take away his one-out walk against Craig Kimbrel -- seriously, that was a beautiful at-bat - but he’s a niche player on a team that can go without one. If the Giants can vernon away Aaron Rowand, well, that changes things, but that’s pretty unlikely. Unless there’s an injury, the lineup and bench are pretty obvious in my mind. If it’s Schierholtz v. Ishikawa, that’s not much of a matchup at all.