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The Lunatic Fringe

You've probably seen the ads for You're probably wondering what it is. The ads tease you with Jon Dowd references, which are speakeasy-quality secret nods to the real Giants nerds among us. What is The Lunatic Fringe?

I'll tell you what it is. It's a direct competitor to McCovey Chronicles, and I need to enlist the brave and the fearless among you. We need to shut this new threat down. First, we'll do a denial-of-service attack. Second, I'll get in touch with Anon at 4ch...

Wait, that's not right. It's actually a new Giants-centric webcomic project from BruteSentiment (whose username in real life is Kevin Cunningham) and Rog Hernandez. It's an offshoot of, which you're likely already familiar with.

It'll run three days a week, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and it seeks to answer the existential crisis that has plagued Giants fans since the Giants won the series: is the Lunatic Fringe more like the Happily Medicated and Balanced Normal Folks now? Can Giants fans keep the edge, which is loosely defined as Spiezio-induced apoplexy?

It will also go through the season in real-time, so if the Giants make a move, cut a player, sign Jose Guillen, etc..., the strips will reflect that. So check it out. Bookmark it. Love it. The Lunatic Fringe.

Keep an eye on it, though. If they start doing Choose Your Own Adventure strips, I'll sic an army of Chooseco lawyers on them. Well, technically, I'm obligated to report things like that as one of the terms of the settlement, but that's not the point.