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Winter Meetings Day One Roundup

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A quick rundown of the Giants' first day at the Winter Meetings:

  • Two reporters for Fox Sports heard that the Giants had bid for the right to negotiate with Japanese shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima. Chronicle reporter John Shea quickly refuted the rumor. The Giants were interested when they hatched a plan to have Nakajima intern with them for credit, but when Selig said they had to pay him a normal salary, forget it.
  • Cody Ross was originally said to want a three-year deal according to a stray quote from an anonymous source, which seemed ludicrous, even by the standards of the typical free agent who believes what his agent is feeding him. Baggs came around later with a much more reasonable piece of information, saying that Ross is looking for a two-year deal, but if he has to settle for one, he'll do it at a more hitter-friendly ballpark.

    Part of me wants to grab Ross by the lapels and remind him that AT&T Park isn't a bad place for right-handed hitters. Another part of me figures that it probably is kind of a drag to come to AT&T after years in Joe Robbie. Another, more rational part of me, realizes that Mr. Ross is much bigger than I am, and I should probably just calm down.

  • Jon Morosi tweets that the Giants are out on Jerry Hairston, Jr., which is sort of a shame. I'm not sure what Hairston is looking for, but he fits the Giants' needs on a budget, and he's a pretty decent player. What's even funnier, though, was this tweet from a Brewers beat writer that suggests that Hairston might be going to the Dodgers. Because when you already have Adam Kennedy and Mark Ellis locked up, a utility infielder is probably the first priority of a team on a limited budget.

    edit: the Dodgers signed Hairston for $6 million. Colletti is officially playing utility infielder Pokemon. So long, Mike Fontenot.
  • The laws of physics wrote a column about the Giants possibly being interested in Ryan Ludwick. Whoops, that was Chris Haft, not the laws of physics. But it can't possibly surprise anyone that Ludwick and the Giants are a rumor. So obvious. So expected. So ... law of the physical universe. Considering that Ludwick played a bunch in Petco, I think he's probably a little underrated as a potential fourth or fifth outfielder because of his recent stats, but you know he'd start a huge chunk of games as a Giant. So obvious. So scary.
  • Andrew Baggarly says that Aubrey Huff will play more outfield next year. If you're thinking that would be to make room for Brandon Belt, look at you! You're adorable! No, it would probably be to allow Buster Posey to semi-rest at first base once a week, as well as give the seasoned Brett Pill a chance at some playing time. But, again, this all depends on where Ludwick will play.
  • Mark DeRosa might come back after all. Sure, there's that whole "physically incapable of pulling a baseball to the outfield because of Faberge wrists" thing, but it will pass.

Jeez, this is getting bitter. Didn't mean for it to be like that, but can you spin any of those up there in a positive light? Well, I can kind of get excited about the pre-debunked Nakajima rumor. And, hey, with the Dodgers having so many infielders, maybe they'll be willing to trade Juan Uribe to us!

Dang it. There I go again. The Winter Meetings everyone! Aren't they fun? Now everybody point at the Dodgers and laugh before something bad happens to us.