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Giants Acquire Melky Cabrera For Jonathan Sanchez, Ryan Verdugo

Good morning! How was your sleep? Did you expect to wake up and find out that Melky Cabrera was the starting center fielder for your San Francisco Giants? Of course you didn't. They wanted Jeff Francoeur, but he was locked up.

This is a Sabean move, through and through. From Marvin Benard down past Dave Roberts, he loves trying center fielders who can't really play center field. Maybe they can! Maybe everyone's wrong about them!.

I'll work up a longer post on this right now, but for the moment, this is your official freakout thread. The best part about these are the freakouts.

And let us never forget about the magic that was. Before the World Series, before the playoff run, it was Sanchez's no-hitter that shook the cobwebs off the Jose Castillo era. I can't say that I was expecting a whole lot from him next year, but I'll miss him just the same.