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Giants Sign Gregor Blanco

It's true! Take that, rainy-day fund! From Baseball America's Matt Eddy:

Octagon Baseball reports that its client CF Gregor Blanco signed with Giants. LH-hitting, 27-year-old CF coming off lost year in Triple-A.

Sounds good! See you in March, front office!

Of course, that's too glib by about 500%, especially because Blanco actually has a skill the Giants need:

Year Age PA BA OBP
2008 24 519 .251 .366
2009 25 48 .186 .255
2010 26 269 .283 .360

By which I mean, he plays center field. Collect them all. Also, he seems to get on base. Those are his numbers in the majors with the Braves and Royals. It's a little weird that he didn't get more of a chance after putting up a .366 OBP for the Braves in 2008, but he stunk in 2009, both in the majors and at AAA. Still, a CF who knows how to take a walk? Always. You really do want to collect those all.

Not earth-shaking news, but there probably isn't going to be a lot of that this offseason. Instead, we'll have to manufacture artificial debates, and split this site into factions. On one side, Justin Christian partisans. On the other, Gregor Blanco fetishists. If you thought the Scott Atchison/Dan Giese battles were something, you have no idea. This will tear the place apart. 

It will all be a moot point when the Giants sign Ryan Ludwick, you say? Nonsense. They can always send Belt down and open up a fifth-outfielder spot.