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The Five Longest Giants Home Runs of the Season

I always forget that Home Run Tracker exists, and then when I remember, I spend way too long there. There's just so much information. Did you know that Aubrey Huff led the team with six "just enough" homers this season? So comforting.

Now that allows embedabble highlights, I can put the videos for the five longest home runs up here. There might be a weather-balloon-with-points penalty for watching them, I'm not sure. But here are the five longest of the season. Also, here's a surprise fact I learned while writing this post: the Giants hit five home runs this year.

5. - Pablo Sandoval, 4/15, 447 ft

Haha. Suck it, bottom-feeding Diamondbacks! Good luck with the rebuilding!

Bonus Krukow comment: "Wow."

4. Cody Ross, 8/16, 448 ft

This one might be one of my favorites because it broke up a no-hitter, and it came with a Cody hop that annoyed every Braves fan in the world.

Bonus Krukow comment: "Wow."

3. - Pablo Sandoval, 7/30, 449 ft

Ah, the Cincinnati series. The beginning of the end. That might have been the most frustrating series of the year. It's at least in the top 20. The top Giants highlight for July 30 on "Stewart scores on error." Yeah, that's about right.

Bonus Krukow comment: "..."

2. Pablo Sandoval, 9/18, 450 ft.

This one makes me think that Home Run Tracker just spit out a "The secret ingredient is ... love?!?" kind of error. It's not like Coors Field is 440 to the alley, and that one was just over the wall. Still, watching Sandoval tear apart the Rockies in September was one of the highlights of the season.

Bonus Krukow comment: "Inspired by Brian Johnson!"

1. - Nate Schierholtz, 4/18, 461 ft

More Coors Field. I've always liked that place. Also, you'll note that none of the homers on this list were hit at home. MOVE IN THE FENCESSSSS!

This was the home run you were thinking of when you read the headline. Schierholtz is a slappy gap-to-gap guy, but I wonder what he'd be like with a totally re-tooled, swing-for-the-fences swing. I'd guess Mark Trumbo, or something like it.

Bonus Krukow comment: "Wow."