A Halloween Special: Baseball's Most Frightening Free Agents


That Link is to Cots 2012 FA page. If you want to go there to see a full list feel free. As I have gotten to rosterbating early this year I have poured over the list of FA's, potential non-tender players, and even speculated on controlled players who might be available. As I have done this I've come across a few names that have struck me with profound fear. These players fill needs that the team currently has, they are truly terrible players when viewed through a lens using Sabermetrics yet retain a tinge of potability when using Sabeymetrics--just enough infact to make the horrific, a real possibility, if only slight. It's kinda like how serial killer movies can be scarrier than monster-style horror movies. Serial killers are a real concept abstracted to screen from our world. Here's my list of Baseball's Most Frightening Free Agents: Giants edition. Prioritized by team need Shortstops Yuniesky Betancourt. Sabermetric Horrors: -0.7 fWAR combined over the last three seasons Sabeymetric higlights: Averaging 15 HR per season over the last two years. Pretty sweet at SS. Edgar Renteria Sabermetric Horrors: 78 wRC+ while posting a neutral .302 BABIP Sabeymetric highlights: Only had 4 Errahs with the Giants in 2010. That's Gold Glove defense. Also hit half of his HR in 2011 in 2 strike counts. Clutchy. Outfielders Juan Pierrre Sabermetric Horrors: .049 ISO, -0.4 WAR in 2011 Sabeymetric Highlights: Finished 11th in the AL in hits and stole 27! bases. VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raul Ibanez Sabermetric Horrors: Will turn 40 in June, 0.4 WAR over the last two season combined, Career UZR of -47.6. That's not an em dash. Sabeymetric Highlights: Has 7077 PA in the major leagues. That's experience. Knocked in 84 RBI in only 144 games. Juan Rivera Sabermetric Horrors: K% 2009-2011: 10.0, 12.0, 14.6. HR/FB 2009-2011: 13.7, 10.8, 7.8 Sabeymetric highlights: 0 Errahs in 2011 in the OF. A perfect defender. Had 25 HR back in 2009 in 138 games. I am sure I could find more if I dug a bit deeper, but I think I've done my job here. Have fun dreaming about these guys over the next several weeks. And these wont be the kind of dreams where the guy with knife-fingers shows up and guts you like a fish then you wake up and realize it's all a dream. Nope. These dreams will be the kind that seem so real you never forget them and when you are pulling into your driveway late at night, you will have one of those deja vu experiences and wonder if the guy that was peeking in through your blinds last night was a dream--or not. Enjoy.