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Buster Posey Catching Bullpen Sessions



Dave Groeschner, the Giants’ head athletic trainer, just told me that Posey has begun catching live bullpen sessions for pitchers in the instructional league. Groeschner watched Buster catch his second one this morning. The session lasted about 8 minutes.

Don't know about Rollins. Not sure if the Giants can re-sign Beltran. Can't figure out who's on the trading block just yet. Do they really consider Nate Schierholtz a starter?

But I'll be optimistic in March because Buster Posey Buster Posey Buster Posey. The leg injuries were funky enough to make you think of Kendry(s) Morales, who was out for six months until he was out for almost two years. So to hear that Posey is ahead of schedule is better than news of an impending trade that would send Brian Sabean and Aubrey Huff to the Rays for Andrew Freidman and Ben Zobrist.

Well, it would be close.

Any hope of contending next year has to do with a mostly healthy Posey. If he can catch 100 games and play 30-40 games at first against lefties, the Giants will improve greatly. The trick is to find a catcher who can hit lefties -- making it a double-sided non-platoon of limited functionality. 

Even if it's Stewart who stays, though, this news makes me giddy. Now I'll just sit right here and wait spring training.


Any day now.


Yep. Waitin' for spring.


(If Buster could be so kind as to spin the Earth forward and advance time, that'd be swell.)