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Post-game thread: Giants score runs for Cain, hit four home runs at Petco; FAA confirms plague of locusts heading toward farm belt

Every Giants fan kept hearing things like, "The Giants are going into San Diego again, but it’s a different Giants team this time." And I kept thinking, so what? Even if the names change, the freaky Petco malaise should stay the same.

Mike Murphy: Okay, so here’s your uniform.

New Giants Player: Great, thanks.

Mike Murphy: Here’s your Giants hat.

New Giants Player: Cool. Looks good.

Mike Murphy: Here’s a coupon for 10% off of Beach Blanket Babylon tickets.

New Giants Player: Uh, thanks.

Mike Murphy: And here’s a bag of powdered suck. Please, don’t open that until you play the Padres.

New Giants Player: Uh. I’m pretty sure I don’t want that.

Mike Murphy: Yeah, I’m not sure why we give that out. Still, take it. You know, just in case.

And then there were dingerz. Aubrey Huff hit one 647 feet to just clear the center field wall. Juan Uribe did the same. Buster Posey hit one in the second deck, and Pat Burrell hit one in the 74th deck. It was beautiful.

Matt Cain.

Was it a "statement game?" I don’t know if those exist. Maybe the statement was "We will not get swept, and Matt Cain is awesome." Then, yeah, it was a statement game. And, lo, the statement was good. But there’s still a lot of work to do. One win in a four-game series would be a pretty dismal outcome.


But, hey, the gnashing of teeth would have been audible in Delaware if the Giants had lost tonight. Huge win. Beautiful win. More of these, please.