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Post-game thread: Giants avoid the sweep

Just like the old saying goes: when your only run comes on a Freddy Sanchez home run, your only run comes on a Freddy Sanchez home run. Woof. Keep sending those good, young pitchers into our division, you White Sox jackasses.

That was a 2009 loss, packed in dry ice and mailed to us here in the future. Let us never speak of it again after tonight.

The worst part of this loss, and the corresponding failure of the Dodgers to do anything that might accidentally benefit society, is that the Giants will head into San Diego two games back. If they get swept, they’re six back. If they win one, they’re four back. Split the series, and nothing changes. Take three of four, and they’re only tied. Three of four in San Diego would be something that comes with an accompanying plague of locusts, but if the Giants manage to move the moon and sun to do it, they’ll only be tied.

Of course, every single other team in the playoff hunt won tonight. Bad night to waste a decent Zito start. Bad night to not mess with the Arizona bullpen. Bad night.