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Post-game thread: Giants jump on Arizona early, hold on to win fourth straight

Rumors of Tim Lincecum’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Well, they were embellished a little bit. Okay, fine, there was a huge, steaming pile of demise waiting back there in August, but Lincecum tip-toed around it. He's on the other side now. Rumors that he rolled around in the demise like a drunk beagle have been greatly exaggerated.

This was the "Good sign!" game. It was a game in which every KNBR caller, every would-be manager with a laptop, and every talking head can start talking about the good signs. Lincecum looked like the Lincecum of yore, even if Arizona hit some good pitches in the seventh inning. Aubrey Huff hit a home run after a little bit of a dry spell. Andres Torres only had one single, but he hit the ball hard in every at-bat. Jeremy Affeldt diffused a stressful late-inning situation instead of stretching out the torture even more.

Good signs!

Good signs.

Now let’s sit back and cheer on the Dod...let’s cheer on the Dodg...oh god...let’ that blood?...let’s root against the Padres and against a high draft pick for the Dodgers. Win/win! Good signs.

I feel so, so dirty.