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Post-game thread: Giants win easily


I never doubted them for a second. *cough*

Back in 2007, the Diamondbacks were good and the Giants weren’t. That led to games like this, in which the Giants probably deserved better than a crushing loss, but a crushing loss is what they got.

The Giants probably shouldn’t have won this game. They won because Madison Bumgarner was fantastic, Andres Torres is one of the better center fielders in the league, the middle of the order guys were able to put together some two-out hits, and the bullpen was dominant. That sure reads like the recap of a team that should have won the game, but the Giants probably shouldn’t have won. They made Ian Kennedy look like vintage Greg Maddux, and they blew a runner-on-third, one-out chance late in the game. It was ugly.

Heck, they even had a guy get picked off at first when he came in to pinch-run. I’m not sure who it was, but I think that’s the last we’ll see of that guy. Did I mention that the Giants probably shouldn’t have won that game?

Ah, who am I kidding? Of course they should have won that game. The Padres bought their magic bloop dust on credit, and the universe is more geared to hose the Padres right now. It could change at any time, so don’t get too cocky, but right now, there’s a stronger force out there than the offensive stink of the Giants. Think about that for a minute. There’s a stronger force out there than the offensive stink of the Giants.

I’m going to leave a little glass of bourbon out tonight for that force. Maybe light a candle for it. The warmth of it just…just envelops me even if I just think about it. It will be so cold if it leaves. Please don’t leave, ethereal manifestation of poor Padres luck. Please. Stay a while.

On a serious note, two kids were hurt at the game today – one by a batted ball, one by a thrown bat – and I’ll probably be thinking more about that for the rest of the day. Baseball isn't supposed to hurt kids, dang it. Best wishes to both.