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Post-game thread: Sanchez dominates, Giants take series

Buster Posey is safe, better than you.
Buster Posey is safe, better than you.

After Jonathan Sanchez opened his yap, and promptly had his yap shut, for predicting a Giants sweep over the Padres a couple of weeks ago, there was a bit of anti-Sanchez backlash. Shoulda traded him for Corey Hart, I remember reading. Shoulda traded him for Jose Guillen, one KNBR caller opined before the Giants acquired Guillen for a couple of goldfish.

So with great pleasure, I would like to point out that the world usually metes out yap-shutting tokens evenly over the years. The anti-Sanchez faction all now have one of those yap-shutting tokens. They can hold onto it, they can redeem the token for prizes when the time is right...really, the choice is theirs. Just so long as they shut their yap. It was a big, important game tonight. Jonathan Sanchez rose to the occasion. He pitched beautifully.

So, please, let's have a moratorium on the Sanchez-for-middling-slugger talk for a while. Maybe for the entire offseason. A lefty who can make hitters look that bad when he's on isn't someone you trade for a competent corner outfielder.

Also of note: Juan Uribe is going to be remembered as a Giant for decades because of the home runs he's hit. Dude has a sense of timing, and in 2061, a bunch of crusty old-timers will get giddy telling stories about him and his beautiful jazz hands.

In the sixth inning of last night's game, the word that kept rattling around my pea-brain was "salvage." The Giants need to salvage at least one game in this series, I thought.

Heh. I love the smell of a Dodgers series-win in the evening.