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Post-game thread: Matt Cain dazzles, Giants take series

A Giants no-hitter in Coors Field just wouldn’t have worked. Too many questions. Do you get ammunition or food first? I’ve always thought that if you had the ammunition, you could then just take the food, but then you start to wonder what to do if there isn’t any food to take. If the plague of locusts took out the crops, you’d probably just have to eat the locusts, but it’s hard to catch the locusts if you’re taking shelter from a rain of fire. No, a Giants no-hitter in Coors Field just wouldn’t have worked. The world isn’t ready for something like that.

But when you adjust for park, a three-hitter is a no-hitter. Science.

The only competition for the best Giants game in the history of Coors Field is this game, in which Brian Johnson hit an eighth-inning home run to give the Giants another game in the division. That was a memorable game. Maybe the hyperbole keg is pouring some delicious hyperbole right now after a win like that, but this game absolutely transcends that. Matt Cain pitched the best game of his life, and he did it when the Giants needed him to pitch the best game of his life. Amazing.

Of course Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitski were going to hit in the ninth inning. Of course one of them was going to be the tying run. The Rockies have a Game Genie plugged into that godforsaken stadium, and they enter a code before every bottom of the ninth to make sure those two hit. Science. Maybe black magic. Cain pitched both beautifully to both, even though Gonzalez had a clean single. Cain pitched beautifully to everyone. Cain is beautiful. A beautiful, beautiful man. I wouldn’t want to face Halladay, Hamels, and Oswalt in a short series either, but other teams sure as heck wouldn’t want to face the Giants, either.

The Giants went into Coors, and they took the series. The Braves lost. The Padres are currently down by four (adjusted for park, they’re down by eight). The Rockies are close to elimination. Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp/And it read Matt Cain’s a pimp.

What is this odd, tingly sensation? Pride? It’d sure be easy to get used to. What a game.