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Post-game thread: Giants take first game, Lincecum cures lepers

Well, that was satisfying. After worrying about this series for a couple of months, the Giants marched right into Petco and beat the Padres at their own game. The Padres had two baserunners all night -- two! -- but, of course, they were in exactly the right sequence. It was a single that followed a double, not the other way around. It looked like the Padres were going to cain Lincecum again, doing the timely hitting thing at Petco once ag...



Wait, that was against the Rockies? At Coors Field? Two baserunners in a game at Coors Field?

There’ canned response for something like that. We just watched a chupacabra mate with a centaur in the shadow of a full eclipse. Hope your cameraphone was charged.

Tim Lincecum has had goofy, otherworldly games. He’s struck out 15 batters in a single game, making hitters look like they’ve never seen anything other than an 84-mph fastball. He’s pitched a two-hitter before. But considering stuff, performance, and situation, this was the best game he’s ever pitched. Take a look. It isn’t a clear favorite, but I’m sticking with this one. This was a special outing. I’d like to take this game, stuff it in the center of a lead pipe, and travel back in time one month to take out the kneecaps of the people who were saying that Lincecum was done. Metaphorically take out the kneecaps, of course. Maybe.

And I don’t want to go too far out on a limb here, so I’ll choose my words carefully: I’m starting to think that, considering the price the Giants paid for him, Pat Burrell just might turn out to be a worthwhile acquisition. The jury is still out, but I’m holding a good thought.

That’s how to start a series at Coors Field. That was beautiful. No one wants to read 500 words on the brilliance of Jhoulyshyllous Chacin, even if he would have deserved it. Nope. Tonight was Lincecum’s night. Burrell will take home an award for his supporting role, but tonight was Lincecum’s. Lincecum Lincecum Lincecum. And Lincecum.

Brian Wilson was pretty good too. But Tim Lincecum.