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Final Reminder: Meetup Tonight 5pm @ The Public House

OK Gang,

One more reminder about our get-together:

Where: The Public House (The bar/restaurant at AT&T Park)
When: Tonight at 5:00pm
Why: To watch tonight's big game against The Rox (featuring Big Time Timmy Jim)

Based on the previous threads, we should have a turnout of at least 10-15 people.  (Those who have indicated they are attending include jponry, j14, oldjacket, Mrs. Oldjacket, Groug, Biff Pocoroba, jctgamer, Mrs. jctgamer, Johnny Disaster, Mrs. Disaster, Goofus and Mrs. Goofus)  We also have additional folks who are going to try to be there.

Everyone is welcome. If you've never attended a McC meetup, they tend to be fun and friendly, so come on out.