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Post-game thread: Giants explode for a million runs, just like we all expected

Do you want to know something more amazing than the Giants scoring 13 runs? Via Baseball Reference, before tonight's game:

SFGiants have gone 20 games w/o allowing more than 4 R. No team has done that in 21 straight since '81 A's.

So now the Giants have allowed fewer than four runs in 21 straight games. It's been an amazing stretch, especially after remembering the discouraging August the entire non-Cain staff had. This is a team with five starters worth looking forward to. Well, Zito stretches that a little, but it's the most impressive rotation I've ever watched as a Giants fan.

Wait, I read that again. That's not more amazing than the Giants scoring 13 runs in a game. Not really. Juan Uribe with two homers in the same inning, Madison Bumgarner with two hits in the same inning, and Jose Guillen with two HBP in the same inning. You know that old saying, "You always see something new in baseball every game?" Bunch of nonsense. I've seen last night's game fifteen times in the past three seasons. The exact same freaking game. Tonight made up for it.

I would have been happy with a series win before the series started, and that's what we got. The Giants just have a funny way of torturing you before they get there, though. It's almost endearing. Almost.

Great win. Now go Dod...go, Dodg...let's go Diamondbacks and whatever team is playing the Padres.