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Post-game thread: Cain, Posey, bullpen help Giants to another 1-0 win

Oh, it starts out innocently enough. Some friends are passing out 1-0 games at a party, and you don't want to be the square. Then you start up with the 1-0 games when you're at home alone, just to take the edge off. Then you find yourself with a couple of 1-0 games in your car right before work. Before you know it, you're stumbling down an alley, breathing the fumes from David Eckstein bloop singles. That's 1-0 game rock bottom.

But, heck, it's fun when you win them. Some quick notes that I jotted down as I was watching this game:

  • Matt Cain
  • Buster Posey
  • Matt Cain!
  • Bruce Bochy?
  • Buster Posey!
  • Brian Wilson

Every managerial decision looks brilliant if the team wins, and I'll just assume that if Matt Cain went out for the seventh inning, he would have given up two broken-bat singles, a fielder's choice, and a fly ball to right field. Maybe the decision to pull Cain fora pinch-hitter had something to do with the on-again/off-again warm ups associated with a rain delay. It was weird, but the Giants won.

Remember when the knock on Buster Posey was that he wasn't expected to have power? Like, he was supposed to be Freddy Sanchez in convenient catcher form? Yeah. Huh. That's not really accurate. Posey has silly power to all fields. Bad analysts! Bad! He has a perfect swing, and that generates a ton of power. I've been wondering, though: Could Posey throw a ball to second so hard that even he could not hit it for a home run?

Great. A riddle. Now we'll all be up all night.

Beautiful start to the road trip, Giants. Keep it up.