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Post-game thread: Turnabout is fair play

I don’t think I’ll watch the bottom of the ninth. If they hold on, great. If they blow it, well, I don’t need to watch that nonsense.



Fine. I’ll watch, but I don’t have to like it.


Oh, that felt good.

The Giants just out-Padred the Padres. The Giants scored the only run of the game when a hit-by-pitch led to a stolen base that led to a busted fielder’s choice that led to a fielder’s choice. The Padres had all sorts of runners on base, but they couldn’t get them in. That was Brian De Palma directing a better movie than Alfred Hitchcock. Physicists had declared it was impossible, but there it was...

Jonathan Sanchez walked seven. Seven! Even though he hadn’t allowed a run, Bochy pulled him after the fifth inning. It wasn’t the obvious call, but it was the right call. Some managers would have said, gee, the guy’s effectively wild. Bochy correctly saw that Sanchez was urinating kerosene around the campfire. Yoink. It was the right move, especially in September with the expanded rosters.

Juan Uribe robbed Miguel Tejada three straight times with slick plays at third. It was kind of funny.

Eli Whiteside threw out the runner he needed to throw out.

Four innings from the bullpen. Three baserunners.

Brian Wilson came out in the ninth, and his slider was junk. He stopped throwing sliders. And it was beautiful.

Assured of a split. But that’s weenie talk. More, please.