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September preview

July was magic inside. August was arsenic-tinged nougat inside. Seriously, screw that month. If there’s anything a Giants fan can count on, it’s a random distribution of 2-1 losses and 1-0 wins. Some months the losses flow from the tap, some months the wins flow. But to have a month where the offense does just fine, while the pitching completely wets the bed? Witchery. Pure, unabashed witchery, and this baseball-god-fearing site won’t stand for it.

So I keep hearing things about this September, eh? Sounds like torture. Smells like torture. Feels like torture. Looks like torture. Tastes like, oh god, tastes like torture. But I’m going to watch every game because I’m an idiot. I have problems. I look at the standings, and I think, "HEY, THE GIANTS ARE ONLY FOUR BACK IN THE NL WEST!" And then I catch myself and silently weep. Because I’m an idiot. This is the cycle of my conscious thought.

This brings up a selection of the unlikely, awesome Septembers in franchise history, as told by a young jerk who couldn’t be bothered to look through all of those seasons in New York.


First off, the Giants opened September of ‘97 with a Monday/Wednesday series against the A’s. What sort of misanthropic imp thought that one up? The whole ‘97 season was littered with two-game series against the AL West. That’s something Raoul Duke would come up with after eating his suitcase.

The Giants were supposed to fade into nothingness as the Dodgers took the division. From the beginning of May through the summer, that’s all Giants fans heard. The Dodgers were the better team. The Giants were a fluke. The Dodgers were the better team. The Giants were a fluke.


The Giants were just fine, thank you. They turned a two-game deficit at the start of September into a division title.

Of course, it all eventually ended in heartbreak.


The Giants were four games back of two different teams in the wild-card race with eleven games left. They ended the season on a hot streak, sure, but more importantly, the Mets and the Cubs refused to win. Google "Brant Brown error" if you want some good laughs. This was the game after which I gave up. Yet they came back, against all odds, it was the chance they had to take.

Of course, it all eventually ended in heartbreak.


Everyone knows about "The Giants won the pennant! The Giants won the pennant! The Giants won the pennant!" It’s the most memorable moment in the history of baseball. What people don’t remember is how ridiculous it was that the Giants were even in a position to win the pennant in the first place. After the Dodgers swept the Giants in a three-game series, the Giants were 12.5 back on August 9th. August 9th! Then they went 40-8 in their last 48 games. That’s just goofy.

So, basically, your grandparents and ancestors traded future championships in dark, candlelit deals in order for The Shot Heard ‘Round the World to happen. Enjoy that replay every time you watch it. You’ve paid for it.

Of course, it all eventually ended in heartbreak.


Can you imagine the GameThread for this game?

Marichal isn’t an ace. Sorry, nerds, but he doesn’t have that certain mentality you need. I’d trade him for Ernie Broglio straight up.

by HallerBack on Oct 3, 1962 6:06 PM PDT reply


After being down four games with seven to go, the Giants surged to catch the Dodgers and force a three-game playoff. They were down 4-2 entering the ninth inning in Los Angeles in the third game.


By Kuenn Sense of Smell on Oct 3, 1962 6:06 PM PDT reply

The Giants took the lead on a bases-loaded walk, and padded the lead on an error. Heh. Suck it, old Dodgers.

Of course, it all eventually ended in heartbreak.

So am I saying that the Giants are due for one of these Septembers? Yes. Yes, I am, you grumpy twits. This is the month where the magic inside gets everywhere, and it isn’t going to come out with a little baking soda, either. You’re all so aghast that I’d dare to jinx things that you don’t even realize that you were morbidly pessimistic before you read this post. It always ends in heartbreak. I acknowledged it. I think we’re going to get some short-term satisfaction that will set up a more painful heartbreak. If that qualifies as a Pollyanna-type jinx, deal with it, you jackals.