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Post-game: Giants fall flat against Ubaldo

Well, phooey. It's worth noting that this ridiculous run of success started with an unlikely victory against Ubaldo Jimenez. Asking them to do it again was, uh, unlikelier than we're really used to.

Inhale through the nostrils, exhale through the mouth. The Giants have a .500 record this season when facing Ubaldo Jimenez in Coors Field. They ensured a split of the series. If you meet every loss with spittle-flecked rage, you're going to stop enjoying baseball at some point, possibly taking out everyone in a Jamba Juice when you snap. Deep breaths.

Madison Bumgarner deserved a little better. He wasn't dominating, but he got dinked and dunked just a little. The defense was iffy behind him. He pitched well enough to last a little longer than he actually did. Maybe. I don't know. Feh.

If there's anything to take away from this game -- anything at all -- it's that Ubaldo gave up a run.


Certain members of the Giants team and organization were politely and impolitely refusing what was later referred to as "it." So tread carefully, Ubaldo. You got lucky this time. Also, you got really talented this time, pal. But Buster Posey.