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Off day, off topic: Movies

Sat at the computer for ten minutes, but my muse was stranded on third when Torres grounded out.

Until then, movies. Pick your favorite from each genre:

  1. Science Fiction/Fantasy:
  2. Western:
  3. War:
  4. Sports:
  5. Documentary:

To which I'd answer: Primer, High Noon, Saving Private Ryan, Hoop Dreams, and Hoop Dreams. Please note that:

  1. I will delete any comment making fun of the Private Ryan choice. It hurts my film nerd cred to list it, but I can't really put Paths of Glory up there just to be cool.
  2. I probably enjoyed both The Two Towers and Empire Strikes Back more than Primer, but it would have hurt my film nerd cred to list those, so I put Primer up there just to be cool.
  3. It's pretty lame to list Hoop Dreams twice. So, uh, put Raging Bull on there for sports, even though that's probably cheating.