Belt--HR in his second AB in triple A


after that they walk him twice; one of those followed by a Guzman dinger. The other followed by Belt stealing second, scoring on a Pill single. As the Griz battle back from 4-0 deficit. Then in the 9th, against 95MPH closer, with Burriss on 2nd, Belt uppercuts and bounces to first. My lad Velez homers too. Hacker wild and also got hit hard, it coulda been worse. Runzler not real sharp, and wearing Kinney's number. Belt maybe misplayed a well hit opposite field long fly, it went for a double and the guy scored. In the first, he also got deked or surprised after catching a fly by a fast guy tagging and taking second. Didn't score, though. Weird decision: 8th inning, bases juiced, 2 out, catcher Jackson Williams due up against the closer, they pinch hit...with Steve Holm, who bounces to pitcher. Why not Bond? Or Graham? Jax did have a nice CS to nail the Cats' shortstop, Sogard, who made lots of loud contact.