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Post-game thread: Giants salvage a game

It would have been a little cooler if you had done this last Friday, but it was welcome all the same, Jonathan.

The Giants may yet crumble into a fine powder, but as of right now, they're just a game removed from a crushing defeat in the NLCS to the Padres the playoffs. This wasn't a must-win tonight. Man, how I hate that term. But it certainly was a please-win. So it was nice to have a nondescript, hardly-in-doubt-except-for-a-few-seconds-at-the-end, wire-to-wire win. Jonathan Sanchez was superb -- when he throws strikes, he really is one of the better pitchers around. Of course, that's like writing "When Bengie Molina hits his share of triples, he really is one of the more complete players in the league."

What's that? Molina isn't on the team anymore? Well, who am I going to use for slow jokes?

Jose Guillen

#6 / Right Field / San Francisco Giants





May 17, 1976

Oh, stop. Can't you celebrate a win without snark? It was a good win. They all are. Well, except for that Phil Cuzzi game. That was a bad win. Dang it, not sure how I thought of that. But this win had Posey, a pitcher throwing strikes, and a Panda hitting a Snow-rare homer from the right side. Good win. They all are*.

Did Krukow just say this was the first win from a starting pitcher in 15 games? Good gravy. Pitcher wins are kind of a junk stat, but that doesn't mean that's not a pretty good way to quickly describe the Giants' struggles recently.