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Post-game thread: Phils whomp on Giants again

The Giants are still in a playoff hunt. The Padres will never lose again, so that playoff hunt is probably for the Wild Card. Whatever, I won't be picky. But if they're still in a playoff hunt, why does it feel like the season is slowly slipping away? A few quick guesses:

  • That's three straight whompings. The Giants don't usually get whomped -- they'll lose heartbreakers, sure, but they don't usually get whomped. Three straight whompings against direct competitors. Urf.
  • They aren't hitting
  • They aren't pitching
  • They aren't fielding

Other than that, things are going well.

Just because it feels like the season is slipping away doesn't mean it is. There's still a month-and-a-half left. The Giants could get all July up in this place. Of course, just because it doesn't mean that it is slipping away doesn't mean that it isn't. Or something.

Maybe the Giants should stop scoring first.