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Post-game thread: Giants rally late, can't overcome deficit

A bunch of two-out bloop hit crap with walks and bloops and dinks and dunks that sucks man I don’t care if it’s the Cubs we got to get up for this series get your game face on what in the absolute hell was up with those two out hits but I guess all was lost after the rough first inning from Lincecum but all wasn’t lost because the Giants were able to erase that defecit so it would have been a tie game if it weren’t for all of those ass-faced two-out hits with their ass-facedness and two-outedry mucking everything up and making my daughter cry yeah that’s right you made a little 21-month-old cry with your stupid two out hits well maybe it was the cat that scratched her repeatedly after she wouldn’t stop pulling his ears but that’s beside the point because you and your stupid two-out hits but I digress and what’s wrong with Lincecum I tried to tell you today that there was something up but I couldn’t just write it I had to hint at it and you needed to read between the lines and here we go with a four-run rally in the ninth you know I bet Buster Posey will hit a grand slam this inning I mean he’s coming up third in the inning but he can still do it so I’ll just sit right here and wait for that to happen oh great it’s Emmanuel Burriss against Carlos Marmol that’s a fair matchup and holy crap Burriss got a hit I guess it’s a full moon but whatever I love Burriss and I root for him I just wasn’t too optimistic and here’s Huff and what in the hell that should have been called safe because screw the Padres that’s why and here’s Posey in all his splendor and I’m still thinking grand slam here but OH MAN I love Posey and that double was legit even if the other one wasn’t nice at-bat against one of the top closers in the game and there’s just one out and whoa Burrell singles and Pablo is the tying run and you know it would be a swell time for Sandoval to hit a freaking home run and wait I’ll take an infield hit with the tying run on base and holy crap the winning run coming to bat and maybe things are turning around for Pablo and OOOOOOH REEEEEEEBAY and please oh please and what in the hell is that swing and what in the hell is that swing wow so it’s up to you Travis oh sweet Travis please and dammit just dammit.