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Open Sunday Pre-Game, Post-Deadline Thread

There's got to be a morning after/If we can hold on through the night


I still think John Bowker is going to have a .270/.360/.500 season one day. But it was never going to be with the Giants, Javier Lopez or no.


We have a chance to find the sunshine/Let's keep on lookin' for the light


I'm just thankful that the Giants didn't trade every farmhand on deck for Jose Bautista. I'm glad they didn't trade lice from an anthropomorphic seal to get Jose Guillen.

Oh, can't you see the morning after/It's waiting right outside the storm


I'm glad Jonathan Sanchez, Brandon Belt, Thomas Neal, and Zack Wheeler are still in the organization.

Why don't we cross the bridge together/And find a place that's safe and warm

So, nice try, trade deadline. You can't break me. Ain't nothing gonna break a my stride. Also of note: if Pat Burrell didn't hit that home run yesterday, there would have been a lot more bomb threats in this post.