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Post-game thread: Giants -- wait for it.... -- can't hit Strasburg

All across the Bay Area, the cry echoed. The same words, uttered at the exact same time, reverberated off the hills, off the water, and off the buildings. It was eerie. After Andres Torres hit a leadoff home run, about 856,191 baseball fans said:

"There's your run, Matt."

Turns out that it would have been the wrong game for the Giants to score more than a run for Matt Cain, as he wasn't exactly a tough-luck loser tonight. He looked okay for most of the night, but then he started to get whomped. With a tired bullpen, Bruce Bochy left Cain out there to get whomped. There was much whomping. Seven earned runs later, and Cain joins the rest of the starting staff in the 3.00 ERA bracket. It could be worse.

Hey, it was the Strasburg game. I'm just glad Buster Posey had a hit of Strasburg. Did you see it? It was a rocket, shooting up the middle at 95 -- no, 105 -- miles per hour. I'm pretty sure Strasburg could smell the burning horsehide as the ball went by. If the ball survived, I'm sure it was put out of play.

Come back tomorrow, and the single will be even more impressive! Maybe tomorrow the story will have Posey riding the Loch Ness Monster as he hits the single. I think that happened, actually.