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Post-game thread: Giants sweep Brewers

I always wondered what it was like for people who followed the teams the Giants were playing. When their team won because the Giants hit into double plays, stranded a dozen runners, and somehow turned every bases loaded/no out opportunity into a single run (if they were lucky), did they feel guilty? Was the thrill of victory tainted by the taint of pity?* Did the win feel any worse than a regular win.

No. No, it feels pretty good.

After the unpleasantness of Colorado, this feels pretty good. The Brewers aren't an especially complete team -- their pitching just gave up 36 runs to the Giants, which is something as amazing and unrepeatable as Dimaggio's hitting streak -- but they're the kind of team that can give the Giants fits. The Brewers:

  • Have an offense that's good enough to ding up good pitchers, and...
  • Have a pitching staff filled with pitchers who wear hats and throw with either their left or right arms -- exactly the kind of pitchers who give the Giants trouble.

So there's no sense in minimizing this series sweep. If the Giants go into Lake Elsinore and take a four-game series from the Storm, it's a kind of a big deal.

Now let's all wait for the Corey Hart trade to be announced so we can watch him limp into the Giants' clubhouse. That really is must-see TV.

*Don't Google that phrase without SafeSearch on.