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Post-game Thread: Giants run back opening kick for touchdown, stomp on Brewers

Well, that was fun.


That’s as pretty of a win probability graph as you’ll ever see, made even better by the strong Posey influence. The immovable object (the dense suck of the Giants hitting) met the irresistible force (the dense suck of the Brewers pitching), and the outcome was pleasing.

And if OPS can be adjust for league and ballpark to come up with OPS+, something similar could be done for this game. Adjusting for team, the Giants scored the equivalent of 23 runs. Though when you adjust for the Brewers’ pitching, the adjusted total drops right back to 15. It takes a pretty special pitching staff to negate the Giants’ downward adjustment. There’s a decent chance that the Giants won’t get to 27 runs in the 18-game season series against the Padres, but the Brewers have allowed 27 runs to the Giants in the first three games of this series. That’s pretty special.

Tim Lincecum was throwing 92-94, getting swingthroughs with his change. Pablo Sandoval had an at-bat against a left-hander that was actually okay. Buster Posey raised his season lines to .331/.366/.504. Jeremy Affeldt had the old Affeldt curve working -- even in a blowout,that’s nice to see.

Also, Buster Posey. And Tim Lincecum. With Buster Posey. Good game.