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Post-game thread: Bumgarner shines, Giants winning streak reaches two games

So this is what the alternate universe looks like. When Craig Counsell made an error to help the Giants avoid a double play, a wormhole opened up. So here I am, not drinking bourbon over a discouraging Giants loss and writing a post that isn't the most amazing thing you've ever read. I'm scared to go outside. Cars will be driving people, and birds will festoon the ground. Festoon, I tell you.

Couple of notes:

  • Madison Bumgarner looks good. It's amazing that he was able to overcome the hurdle of a ROOKIE CATCHER and pitch a fine game.
  • Travis Ishikawa still isn't the answer as a starter, but don't worry, when he cools off -- and he will -- he'll sit right down. Next time, be over 30, Travis.
  • Sergio Romo should be a late-inning option again, not a human victory cigar. He can throw strikes. He can leave timeout now.

Ah. Maybe this will be the run that propels the Giants close enough to the top of the division, which makes it okay to make an awful, desperate trade. Good times.