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Post-game thread: Giants score, prevent runs in same game

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I'd like to think that after Jonathan Sanchez walked in a run in the second inning, Buster Posey went out, grabbed him by the throat, and said something like, "Listen, we played 15 innings yesterday. Fifteen. The bullpen is munched. So if you want to walk every hitter you face for the next four hours, fine. We're not going anywhere. And neither are you, because we'll keep you in for the next 200 pitches if that's what it takes to get you past the sixth inning. But, hey, a better idea might be to throw strikes."

Even better would be if the chat came towards the middle of the second act, probably after a montage of Posey honing his catching skills, and certainly after several scenes where he's being harassed by Eli Whiteside and Bruce Bochy, Cobra Kai-style. Then when Posey gets Sanchez to throw strikes -- managing the pitching staff his way with Whiteside's pet pitcher -- the camera would cut to Whiteside looking shocked and Bochy punching the water cooler. Also, Posey gets the girl.

You can read more scenarios like this in my new book, "How To Manage a Baseball Team As If You Were Living In an '80s Movie." As a philosophy, you know it makes more sense than pinch-running Whiteside for Posey yesterday, so I'm already ahead of the game.

But let us not dwell on past inanities. Let us revel in present successes. Here's where the Giants turn things around. Maybe with a montage. Or not. Good win, though.