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Post-game thread: Giants lose heartbreaker in Coors for first time in team history

I'm not sure if that eighth-inning comeback made things a little better, or a lot worse. Also, note that I'm writing this before the bottom of the ninth. Prove me wrong, Giants. Prove me wrong.

Post-game edit: I mean, really, did you expect something different? My favorite move of the game: removing Buster Posey to pinch-run Eli Whiteside, who is as slow, if not slower than Posey. The only reason to do that is if you think Posey is so green behind the plate, so likely to make a game-losing mistake, that you have no choice but to replace his bat with a superior defender. It was amusing, then, that the defensive replacement made an error and struck out twice in crucial spots.

In order to justify his career as a player, Bochy has established all of these bizarre catcher-related rules of engagement. It's fascinating at this point. If he's still managing next year, it will move from "fascinating" right back to "unparalleled and unacceptable idiocy." But right now? Fascinating. The Giants have their best hitting prospect in 20+ years, and it comes at a time when they have the manager who is the absolute worst fit for him.Something's inside, alright....