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Post-game thread: Giants come back late, beat Broxton and Dodgers

Maybe John Bowker will be a hard-hitting corner outfielder one day. Maybe he won’t. We’ll see in a year or two. I’m pulling for him.

Maybe Javier Lopez will get Adrian Gonzalez to flail at a pitch in a crucial, division-deciding spot. Maybe he’ll give up a bases-clearing double. We’ll see in a month or two. I’m pulling for him.

Until then, we have the day-to-day foibles of the Giants to follow. And today, it’s a good day to be a Giants fan. For the most part. Ah, nuts. Forget the qualifier. It was a great day. The Giants beat the Dodgers. Everything else is secondary. Kind of. For the most part.

It was a serious déjà vu game until Pat Burrell’s homer. Chad Billingsley was shutting down the Giants again. The Giants were leaving runners in scoring position again. It would have been a miserable loss. But Burrell – acquired for Bowker in the alternate offseason reality I’ve created to make this win even more enjoyable – hit one of the more memorable home runs of the past few seasons.

Guillermo Mota was fantastic. Barry Zito was great. The crowd was going nuts, and that definitely came across on the radio. Soon the feeling will return to my extremities.

Sweep this series, you beautiful bastards. Sweep.