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Post-game thread: Apparently, Brian Wilson was injured. Also, Giants win

Wow. The end of that game really screwed up the post-game thread I had worked up. The deleted post had cheeky little mentions of Aubrey Huff’s awesomeness. It rambled a bit about some bearded dynamo who closed out the eighth and ninth inning. ‘Twas a whimsical affair.

Then it was like, CLANK ROPE WALK ROPE OH GOD WHERE IS BRIAN WILSON ROPE TWITCH FIDGET grounder. That wasn’t nearly as much fun as the previous eight innings, but it was still pretty fun. A Dodger loss is a Dodger loss is a Dodger loss. If you can’t appreciate the snowflakensian beauty of each one, you’re missing the point.

Notes from a bizzare game:

  • I have no idea why Cain and Lincecum have pitched like Brewington and Van Landingham against the Dodgers in their careers. It’s really, really annoying. And when Lincecum kept wriggling out of trouble in the early innings, it had that same ol’ miserable feeling as the other ace games from the last three years. So, so annoying. All the credit in the world, then, goes to Tim Lincecum for recovering to pitch a pretty nifty seven innings.
  • Brian Wilson had back spasms earlier in the day, and Bochy didn’t want to take a chance. Good. I’d write that even if the Giants lost the lead. Any bullpen in the world should be able to get three outs without allowing four runs. For all of the crap the Giants get for their bullpen, it’s not a complete mess, even without Wilson. If there’s any risk to Wilson in the long-term, there’s no sense using him in a game like this. Doesn’t bring back the years of my life that leaked out of my ears during that inning, but it makes sense.
  • Uh, but why Jonathan Sanchez? I’ll just assume it was his regular day to throw on the side. If there’s a reason to be outraged, we’ll find out soon enough.

I’m not sure how to feel about this one. Well, giddy, but that’s because the Giants finally came through with the "Red Dawn" moment that we’ve been waiting for, but, man, thirty minutes ago, I wasn’t expecting to feel this exhausted.