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Post-game thread: Anibal Sanchez one-hits Giants

So, so dirty.
So, so dirty.

See, that's the problem with winning baseball. When a pitcher shuts your team down, you can't fall back on snarky jokes. You can't assume that Anibal Sanchez was just lucky to face the Giants instead of a major league team. The Giants have held their own against Josh Johnson, Clayton Kershaw, and Johan Santana over the last couple of weeks. So when Anibal Sanchez absolutely dominates the Giants -- one hit! -- the only responsible thing to do is to praise his performance.

The urge to complain about the Rowand/Renteria/Pitcher bottom of the order? Save it. The itch to chew out the entire lineup for mad flailing? Don't scratch it here. The familiar feeling of nausea that started around 2005? Quash it. Grit your teeth and remember that the Giants have won 13 of their last 17. Sometimes good teams get shut down by great pitching performances. And if you think I'm comparing the 2010 Giants to the '27 Yankees, you're wrong; Lou Gehrig couldn't play catcher.

Good teams also lose. Good teams...also lose. That's the problem with winning baseball. So if this game sends the Giants on a crazy, frustrating losing skid. I'll come back and retroactively edit this post to fill it with bile, invective, and naughty words. I promise.

Also, let's make a pact to not talk about hitting streaks until they're at, like, 30. It was fun while it lasted, but I thought the hubbub was a little premature.